Where Memories Await Releases and Autographed Copies for Christmas!

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Heidi's Updates

I’m so pleased to introduce readers to my first Christmas novella, a dual timeline book featuring Aunt March’s parallel character in Little Women, Aunt Pris!

Let’s face it…Aunt March isn’t a lady to exactly write home about. She’s a bit crotchety and has a sharp tongue, and yet there’s something generous enough in her for her to leave her home to Jo after her death. What events in her life caused her to hold such a hard-to-love personality? Or was this simply the character she was born with? 

I had tons of fun writing Aunt March’s parallel character, Aunt Pris, in The Orchard House Bed and Breakfast Series. Priscilla shares some qualities with Aunt March, and I looked forward to diving into her history in this dual timeline Christmas novella, Where Memories Await. I hope you can cuddle up with some hot chocolate or tea and maybe read this one by the light of the Christmas tree! Most of all, I hope you enjoy! 

AND if you are looking for a perfect bookish gift for that special reader in your life, I’m now offering autographed copies for purchase directly from me!

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