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To Love One Another

I will always remember the day. The dress, the man, the long walk down the aisle, the church crowded with friends and family. With so much happening, it’s not surprising I couldn’t focus much on the sermon. I was standing with my high school sweetheart...

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Joy to the World

As a child, I can remember a few distinct times I felt joy—a sort of elated happiness that bubbles up inside you (my completely inadequate definition).  The first time was in second or third grade, while singing Joy to the World beside my father on...

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Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild

There’s no place that reveals my sometimes-obsessive need for control more than the passenger’s seat of my car. I don’t remember having anxiety in the passenger seat until after I became a mother. Something clicked in my brain then, and to my husband’s dismay, that...

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A Thrill of Hope

Hope is a word we tend to use a lot. I use it a lot. I hope the Ice Cream Barn is offering their chocolate peppermint ice cream today. I hope my editor likes the manuscript I turned in. I hope that medical test comes back negative. I sign my books “With Hope.” My...

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