How A Hike Birthed A Story

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Heidi's Updates

The boys in my son’s Tiger Cub den loved the rock. It was easy to see why. This was no ordinary rock. At least as tall as a three-story building, climbing it was not only an adventure, it could be dangerous. 

Those who didn’t climb explored the cave on the western side of the rock, and soon I heard my older son telling them the haunting legend that belonged to this rock. Abram’s Rock.

The boys were just as fascinated as I was about the story behind the massive boulder. The legend wouldn’t leave my mind, and soon I was imagining the circumstances that could have surrounded such a story. Soon I was creating it, and not long after, I decided to write it.

This would become my first time-slip story, and although it wouldn’t see the light of publication for years, it is still dear to my heart. 

It’s about a marriage on the brink of failure. A request given beyond the grave. And a centuries-old family story with the power to change everything.

If you’d like to read my latest novel, releasing next month, there’s a special ebook preorder price going on right now. I hope you can scoop it up if The Edge of Mercy is on your to-read list!

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