A Nativity Poem

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Heidi's Updates

I’ve always had a thing for nativity scenes. I remember rushing to go to a Christmas Eve service with my Mom while in high school but finding we had missed the service. Instead, we stood peering on the large nativity scene outside the church, pondering the gift of Christmas. It seemed enough for that year and that moment remains precious.

The Christmas before I married, my parents gave me a nativity set, my most valued gift. They knew how much it meant to me.

This year, one of my most favorite services—Christmas Eve candlelight service—looked a lot different in my living room.

Our family traveled to La Salette Shrine for their celebration of lights the day after Christmas. I most looked forward to seeing their nativity scene. As I stood there, pondering the baby in a manger, the grateful parents, the shepherd holding a tender sheep, an overflowing of emotion welled up within me along with a foreign urge to create a poem. I don’t usually write poetry or consider myself gifted for it, but I’m offering it here to share a glimpse into my heart and what Christmas means to me.

The Nativity

first gently tugging at my child-heart

the nativity scene called as a work of art

what it represented I could just glimpse

wrapped in a mystical element

as I grew and strived and strained

the babe found me again all but drained

in my brokenness and despair

God’s grace shone down upon me there

 I understood why He must come

God’s son a man He did become

to free me from my constant race

to be the best, to never settle for second place

victory found at manger, cross, and grave

victory found within my soul that He forgave

love so perfect, so stain-free

that I first glimpsed in the nativity

may my lack now reveal His grace

may He shine as I live in Christ’s embrace

at Christmastime and all through the year

may I always keep the nativity near.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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