Are My Books Suitable For Young Adults?

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Heidi's Updates

So this is one question I’ve been getting A LOT lately, and one that I admit, I hadn’t totally anticipated. And yet, it makes sense that there are some young adult readers who may be interested in reading my books (and I truly am so grateful for them!). So I thought I would try to answer this oft-asked question here, using some of my thoughts on young readers and my books to do so.

~ I write my books with adult women in mind.

Yet that doesn’t mean teenagers wouldn’t enjoy them. But are they appropriate for this age group?

~ Some have pointed out that my books are more of a “tough” read within the Christian fiction genre.

I gravitate toward some of the heavier topics. To read why I am drawn to these stories, see this post.

My debut novel deals with references to some gruesome war aspects, the struggles of those with PTSD, and sexual assault. My next book deals with nothing easier, including teenage depression and violence. And while I’m aware that many books targeted at young adults tackle these very things, I do want to be sensitive to those who may not be looking for this.

~ In the end, I trust parents to help their young adult make the decision whether my books are right for their individual teen.

One reader rated “Freedom’s Ring” PG-16. Many whom I have met at book events say it is suitable for high-schoolers. Another mother commented that it is definitely ONLY suitable for adults. Another allowed her twelve-year-old daughter, who is mature and widely read, to read it. I recently met a fifteen-year-old who loved it. I have a twelve-year-old son. He has no interest in reading a book with a lady in a pretty dress on the cover, but if he did, I would not feel comfortable with him doing so because of the content. (We are also rather picky about what we allow him to watch on TV—though we did make an exception for Hacksaw Ridge).

As you can see, as with anything else, opinions will vary. In the end, it is truly in the hands of the young adult’s parents or guardians to guide them with this decision.

I truly hope this helps, and either way, whatever you ARE reading—whether it be my book, a young adult one, or any other, HAPPY READING!

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